Book Review Procedures

15 January 2017 Update

I am not accepting submissions for review at this time.

When you submit a review request, please include a few pages or link to a preview, as well as your webpage/Amazon/Goodreads links, and tell me a little bit about you as a writer.  If you already have a fistful of reviews, I may decline; if I think I can’t do justice to your book, I will decline. I don’t want to add to the stress of marketing/publicizing indie books…believe me, I know about it.

If you have a publication date you’d like me to meet, let me know. I won’t promise to meet the date, but I will if I can (if I accept your book, that is).

And I promise this…I will reply to you.  Maybe not immediately…but if this page says I’m accepting books for review, then I will reply, even if I’m declining to review your book, and I will let you know the reasons for my decision.

I review published or pre-publication works.  My preference is for unusual fantasy/dystopia/sci-fi but will consider other work.  I accept both e-books and paperbacks (but check regarding paperbacks as I travel frequently and may be away from my mailbox for some time!)

Please note that I do not automatically give four or five star reviews.  A three-star review from me is a good review. I am a somewhat critical reader, wanting to see the same sort of quality in indie works that I would in a traditionally published work. (Or better, given some the absolutely terrible traditionally published works I’ve read recently.)  I do NOT read other reviews prior to reading and reviewing the book. Any book I give a partial star rating to (e.g., 3 1/2 stars) will have that rating upgraded to the next level on Amazon and Goodreads, as they don’t have a partial star option.

Also, if you’d be willing to review either my current book or its upcoming sequel, please let me know. Like you, I’m always looking for reviewers. Your offer to review my book will not affect either my decision to review yours, nor my rating of your book if I do review it. And if you do review mine, and you either love or hate it, that won’t affect what I say about yours, either. 

For more details on how I review a book, click here.

My practice is to post the review to my website (which automatically posts it to Twitter  @marianlthorpe and my writer’s Facebook site), and to link it to I will also post on  Goodreads and Amazon  (UK and US; other sites on request). I can post to Kobo and/or Smashwords if requested.

Any review on Amazon and Goodreads may include the line: ‘Review by Amazon/Goodreads author Marian Thorpe’ and a link to one of my books.

My contact details are marianlthorpe at I’m listed on two reviewer sites:

The Book Review Directory (see the sidebar image)


The Indie View