The Novels of

Empire’s Legacy

Once there was an Eastern Empire of grandeur and beauty and learning. Then it disappeared, leaving only snatches of story and faint memories in a little sea-bordered land far to the west, where invasion from both north and south now threatens. Could the Eastern Empire still exist? And if it can be found, will it come to the aid of its long-forgotten province?

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‘Fans of Guy Gavriel Kay will love Thorpe’s work.’ Anya Pavelle, author of the Moon Hunters.

“immersive, intelligent and resonant…I recommend highly.” Justin Lee Anderson, author of Carpet Diem and The Lost War

“a well-crafted historical fantasy with marvelous sensory world-building details, compelling characters and skillful plotting. A recommended read for fans of sweeping historical tales with complex storylines.” Whistler Independent Book Awards

Click here for character lists and more for Empire’s Legacy.

Click here for if you have the password-protected link from Empire’s Heir to the summary of the previous books.

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