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Book Launch for

Empire’s Hostage

Join me at the Bookshelf Cafe E-Bar, 41 Quebec Street, Guelph, Ontario, from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday August 24th, for the official launch of the second book of the Empire’s Legacy series, Empire’s Hostage.

“Involving, evocative, intelligent—an outstanding historical fantasy.” – Maria Luisa Lang, cover ebook under 2MB smallerauthor of The Pharaoh’s Cat

“A bold vision of historical fantasy, beautifully written from start to finish; Empire’s Hostage takes us on an epic journey that is at once intriguing, convincing, and deeply affecting.”  Jonathan Ballagh, author of The Quantum Door 

“Filled with beautiful imagery and well-developed, realistic characters….” D.M. Wiltshire, author of the Prophecy Six series

“…a fantastic sequel…”  Liis Scanlon, Cover to Cover


I’ll be joined by special guests Avril Borthiry, author of The Wishing Well,

and poet Nikki Everts, reading from her new collection connect disconnect


Special pricing, chances to win books, readings, snacks, cash bar!  Everyone welcome!

(Unfortunately, the location is not accessible.  There is a fairly steep set of stairs to access.)





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All the Birds of My Life

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3 thoughts on “

  1. Hi, I’m a screenwriter and I’ve always tried to create entertainment about and for women. I wrote, among other things, Beethoven, Mystic Pizza and Indecent Proposal, and directed 4 films, too. Now I wrote a short, entertaining and funny kindle book. I’m wondering if you would look at my little book and possibly review it. This is my author page and the book, The Tom Cat.

    It’s humorous romance. I think of it as a fairy tale for adults.

    Here is a short summary:

    Tom Knightly was born rich but orphaned as a small child. As a result he grew up with too much of everything but love. Now, as a handsome and spoiled young stud on the prowl, his only accomplishment is the trail of broken hearts he’s left behind him. Superficially, Tom might appear to have it all, but in reality he’s unhappy because when you lack the ability to give or receive real love, life is empty. Salvation comes in the form of the adorable and devoted Kaylie Malone, owner of the Sit ’N Knit store. Finally Tom finds true love, and he knows this is the woman who could change it all, his one chance at happiness. Unfortunately, he blows it. His emotional journey to regain Kaylie’s heart and earn her forgiveness takes him to a place no man has been, inside the world of felines. Magical forces trap Tom in the body he richly deserves, that of a tom cat. His only hope is a devoted and abused dog, Harry, who becomes his zen master. Can this pup teach Tom Cat unconditional love so he can deserve to be human again? And will he learn fast enough to save Kaylie and his new best friend from dark forces that are circling and threaten them?

    Claire Cook, bestselling author of Must Love Dogs and Wallflower in Bloom writes of THE TOM CAT: “After I finished reading THE TOM CAT, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to adopt a cat or become one. Wildly original, quirky and charming, Amy Holden Jones’ debut novel is purr-fectly delicious.”

    There is no sexual content. It’s appropriate for all ages including YA.

    The target audience is women and young adults.

    It’s available now at

    If you contact me I’ll send it to you.


    1. Hi, Amy. I’ll gladly review The Tom Cat, if you don’t mind waiting a while…I have three books in the queue before yours…so I’m guessing maybe 6 weeks to two months before I get to it. It sounds delightful and given I have two cats of my own, how can I say no?


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