Happy Hallowe’en, Blessed Samhain, Solemn All Souls’ Eve

Whatever your beliefs are for October 31st, you will find something to appreciate in Spinnings: Brief Fantasies in Prose and Verse – and it’s free until November 1st.

You can download it here for the Kindle, or for the Kindle app for iOS or Android.


Spinnings Final Cover


Day 2 Hallowe’en Book Giveaway!

Five Star rated on Goodreads and Amazon . Free for Hallowe’en weekend in all Amazon markets!

Spinnings Final Cover“I had to find reasons to return, to walk the old city, to keep the faerie paths clear…”                                                    In An Absent Dream

“I could see that from each bone, each skull, a fine thread ran, attaching it to the next, and
the next, creating a cat’s cradle that gathered more and more threads as they ran towards and disappeared into the alcoves.”                                                                                      The Spider’s Spinning  

Five Star rated on Goodreads and  Amazon.  Free for Hallowe’en weekend in all Amazon markets…stories just right for reading on Hallowe’en night! Read on your Kindle, or your Kindle app for iOS or Android.

A Verse for All Hallows’ Eve

Angels Unaware

The hollow hills return their travellers

Lost and out of time

On the unsubstantial streets.

The boy panhandling on Yonge

Has no shadow, and will live forever.

Seven crows are silent among the pigeons in the square;

In the haven of the Spit, a white ship, un-noticed,

Waits to sail west.

In the dreamt city the riff-raff are

The guards at the gates of faerie;

Are the rockfall that hides the easter caves,

The glamour that obscures the grail.