The Eagle and Child

        This is a reflection about coincidence, or synchronicity, or possibly about me seeing connections where there are none, except in my mind. It doesn’t matter, really. I am, by training and education and part of my working life, a scientist; an applied geneticist, precisely, and that training and education spills over … More The Eagle and Child

No Unwounded Soldiers

In war there are no unwounded soldiers. This quote from José Narosky is written in large letters on the whiteboard in my study. Its purpose is to focus me on the main theme of my work-in-progress. In all the books in the Empire’s Legacy series, the titles reflect the main themes of the book. In … More No Unwounded Soldiers

Paths Untrodden: Sorley’s Song for Cillian

Another teaser for Empire’s Reckoning…which won’t be out for another year or so, but perhaps it might tease you into reading the first series, Empire’s Legacy! Paths Untrodden My true love’s eyes are darkly gleaming In candlelight and music’s lure; One night alone, at spring’s fair dawning, To keep me longing through the years, To leave … More Paths Untrodden: Sorley’s Song for Cillian

The Completed Trilogy

Unbelievably, the Empire’s Legacy trilogy is done. Here are the covers, the links, and an excerpt from the third and final book. Fifteen years of my life, these have taken: twelve for Empire’s Daughter, because I was still working and busy with other commitments as well; two for Empire’s Hostage, and a shocking less-than-one for … More The Completed Trilogy