A challenge of history

As work progresses on Empire’s Hostage, Book 2 in the Empire’s Legacy series, I have an interesting dilemma.  The ‘History of the Empire’, written by Colm and given to Lena at the Winter Camp plays a larger role in EH….but I don’t know what it says. And I need to.  So, before I can continue with this section of EH, I need to write Colm’s history.

It begins “In the third year of the reign of Emperor Lucian…” – and that is all I know.  I’m not sure I even know quite how many years have passed between that time and Lena’s time. So…a side track…which are never shortcuts.  Once it’s taken some shape, I’ll post some of it – a timeline at least – here.  Until then, more research, more thought, more writing.

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