Seralized Fiction Bloggers – A Question for us All

If you’re publishing your book in installments on WordPress, like I do at, here’s a question – or rather a two part question – for you:

  1. Is there a blog where such serializations can be listed, so they can be fairly easily found?
  2. If there isn’t, is it something that would be useful?

This question comes out of a on-line discussion I was having with a couple of other bloggers. I was thinking of something that was limited to blogs, rather than work on Wattpad or Inkitt or other sites…they have their own ways of promoting and advertising.

Anyhow…this is a serious question, and I’d appreciate serious answers, and re-blogs if possible.  My goals, as many of you know, are to assist in the promotion and dissemination of indie writing, and I’d be willing to get something started if there is a need or an interest.  I’m not looking to make money; thankfully, I don’t need to.



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