The Kindness of Strangers

A week or so ago, I was researching battles to find one I could model a battle in Empire’s Hostage on.  Battle strategy and action are NOT my strong point!  After entering the keywords I wanted into Google, I was led to a website on medieval warfare, which had a wonderful detailed description of the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  It was perfect.

So, I emailed the site’s contact for permission to adapt the description, explaining how I wanted to use it.  He emailed me back, telling me that those articles were written by someone else, who held the copyright – but was kind enough to start an email conversation with that writer and me.  Today I heard back from the author, who gave me permission….and then, having checked out Empire’s Daughter on Amazon, bought the book!

I don’t know any of these people from Adam, and they had no reason to even respond to me, except that they are kind and polite people. The sort the world needs more of.  I’ll pass that kindness on in some way, if I can….and I have to say, it made my day.



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