The Cult of Unicorns, by Chrys Cymri: A Review

When characters from a story begin to inhabit your dreams, you know the story has Cult of Unicornsreally taken hold of your imagination.  In my case, it was a snail shark, a creature of Chrys Cymri’s mythical, magical land of Lloegyr, a mere thin-space transport away from our own world, that began to crawl through my nightly fantasies.

When dead bodies and unicorns begin to appear in the English midlands, Penny White, Church of England vicar and official Church liaison with Lloegyr, has work to do.  With the help of Peter, the local detective, her brother, the devil-may-care dragon Raven, and her gryphon companion, Penny must navigate the glamour of unicorns and the deep pockets of a multi-national corporation to find the truth.  Interspersed with realistic examples of the difficulties of running a parish in an increasingly secular world and glimpses into Penny’s personal struggles, The Cult of Unicorns is a satisfying read set in an easily-believable world just a little skewed from ours (or is it?)

An appreciation of Doctor Who and good whiskey likely add to the reader’s delight in Penny’s world (I qualify for both) but aren’t necessary.  But you do need to accept a beer-loving snail shark named Clyde that loves the Teletubbies and can sing…and clearly my subconscious was quite happy to suspend that piece of disbelief, because Clyde comes to visit every so often, sliding his way into otherwise normal dreams.  He’s delightful…as is The Cult of Unicorns.  Five stars.

4 thoughts on “The Cult of Unicorns, by Chrys Cymri: A Review

  1. OK.. the snail shark who loves Teletubbies sounds awesome… I used to love watching Teletubbies with my niece and nephew… gosh… that’s like… 17-18 years ago now… blimey!


  2. A definite yes please to The Marriage of Gryphons! I won’t review it for a while, but by the end of the summer. The link to whatever is happening on Amazon didn’t come through, btw.


  3. Hi Marian

    Oh, many thanks for the kind words. Everyone seems to fall in love with Clyde! In book four, we finally find out who he is. I’m 25,000 words in.

    And the third is out, would you like to add it to your TBR list? I’d be happy to send it over to you.

    By the way, this is happening this week, on Amazon worldwide:



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