Winner of the ‘If I Had 100 Dollars’ Contest

D.M. Wiltshire has chosen my entry in her “If I had 100 Dollars” contest as the winner, which means my nominated charity, Indspire, is the recipient of not $100, but $200, as she has doubled the initial amount promised.  I am honoured by my entry being chosen, and have matched her donation to Indspire. You can … More Winner of the ‘If I Had 100 Dollars’ Contest

If I Had 100 Dollars

I’ve written a fair bit on my other blog, Two Simple Lives, about how books and stories shaped my view of the world. As with most children, I was drawn to those books that mirrored my own family, solidifying my sense of cultural heritage, helping me understand and relate to my grandparents and parents who … More If I Had 100 Dollars