An update on Book II: Empire’s Hostage

Empire’s Daughter has done well in the months since it was published.  I’m pleased with it.  But in the interim, I’ve been thinking hard about why I write, and what it means to me.

I write neither for profit nor fame.  I write because I need to tell stories, and have since I was a child.  It’s as simple as that. I also heartily dislike trying to publicize, sell, or otherwise promote my work, and I run a hundred miles from public speaking or book launches.

I have chosen to serialize the second book in the Empire’s Legacy series, Empire’s Hostage, here.  Eventually I probably will publish it as an e-book, but perhaps not. We’ll see. This is a ‘real-time’ project:  I will be adding posts, generally of between two to three thousand words, a reasonable reading chunk, as I write and edit them.

Do you need to have read Empire’s Daughter?  It will help, but I’ll try to recap where I can in the sequel without it being too awkward or contrived.

This is speculative fiction, and an alternate reality.  If you’re only comfortable with conventional marriage, or with heterosexual relationships, or, you’re looking for magic and high fantasy, these aren’t the books for you.

I hope you’ll visit the site and begin reading.


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