Stone & Iris by Jonathan Ballagh: a mini-review

Do not pass up this short story by the author of The Quantum Door. Moving into adult fiction from his outstanding middle-school debut novel, Stone & Iris is a haunting look at choice, second chances and consequence in a future world, but one that could well be awaiting us.  Ballagh’s writing rarely falters and some of his phrases are simply beautiful. Stone & Iris can be read in less than an hour and will cost you less than a cup of coffee, and its imagery will remain in your thoughts for a long time. Pour yourself a glass of wine, settle down into your armchair, turn off the phone, and give it the attention it deserves: you won’t regret it.  5 stars.

Stone & Iris is available from Amazon.  I was provided with an ARC of the short story by the author in return for honest feedback.

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