I Attended a Webinar on Writing for a Living – Here’s What I Learned

A look at one set of marketing strategies,presented with C.J. Hartwell’s indomitable humour,

Feeding on Folly

The webinar was free, but I’m going to save you 1 1/2 hours of listening time by giving you viewing-a-webinarhis tips. I’m nice that way.

Also, I kind of figured there’d be a sales pitch at some point, and he didn’t disappoint. So I’m saving you from that as well.

You’re welcome.

The webinar was by Jeff Goins. If you’ve ever googled for information on being a professional writer or blogger, you probably came across him.

His site carries a wealth of information, nearly all of it for free. Here’s the link for his blog, but be warned, you get a popup right away. (I gave my feelings on thatHERE.)

If you forgive his popup (I did, because of his freebie), you’ll find a ton of helpful articles. The webinar repeats most of it, but it was condensed into four steps. If you do these steps…

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