Guest Post: Expressions of an Artist: The Whole Shebang – Frances Wassermann-Bildner

“I wonder the wonder, freedom of freedoms,
play for you nightly and sing in the rain.
I pray for your ghosts to let you off lightly,
lessen and get rid of your terrible pain.”

Welcome to today’s guest post, from Frances Wasserman-Bildner, promoting her new book, Expressions of an Artist: The Whole Shebang



“I have  been painting a lot of my life, since I was 13 and had won an art competition where Sir Charles Wheeler the past president of the royal academy wanted to buy my painting.
I started writing in an automatic prose poetry way after the death of my aunt and five days after my younger son was born. I couldn’t get to my studio in downtown Manhattan and so one day I just picked up my pen and started writing. When I read what I had written I had to look up some of the words, yet it all made sense. I don’t edit my writing , it comes from my unconscious, as does my painting where I may start with a doodle and the painting paints itself and tells its own story.
I am influenced by life, my work is about the human condition, love, living, loss,
belonging, fear, political, outsider, Mother /Daughter. The kind of themes I write and paint about affect us all. I think the writing may speak to all as well.”



The publisher describes the book this way:

“This book is not a novel, nor a book of short stories.

It is a collection of writings and paintings.

It encompasses the human condition by covering topics such as love, loss, living, fear, political, outsider and belonging.

Each piece of writing is written automatically and quickly. The writing actually writes itself and the author is a vehicle for her work. The paintings are done in the same way. There are no preconceived ideas in either paintings or writings.

Although the work is produced this way, it does touch the subjects that we are all concerned with. This is because the artist/author is a product of the human condition and will therefore hold these subjects in her subconscious.

Some of the work is quite dark, all of it is filled with energy and emotion and an appreciation of life in all its facets.

The book has been collated into these topics by a reader. One can easily dip in and out or read it cover to cover.”

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