How Has Writing Changed You?

Good art – writing, music, poetry, painting, sculpture – has the power to change those who witness it, whether it’s for a few minutes or forever. As writers, when we go deep into characters, situations, places, times, worlds – they change us too.

I’m inviting writers and readers to contribute a guest post on this subject.

For Writers:

You can address this question however you like – but here are some starting points (none compulsory – just to get you thinking!):

  • Your self-concept – how you see yourself
  • effects on your self-discipline
  • personal satisfaction with your life
  • ways of looking at the world
  • recognizing your strengths & weaknesses

Six hundred words or so, plus links to your sites, a brief bio and a photo if you’d like.

You could also include a few sentences on one piece of art (of any sort) that changed how you saw the world.

For Non-Writers:

If you’re an artist of another sort, please feel free to answer the questions above with reference to your own discipline.

If you’re not an artist, but a reader/listener/viewer – tell us about a piece of art that changed your world – what it was, what about you changed?

E-mail submissions or questions to marianlthorpe at gmail dot com, please! (and thank you.)

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