I helped write this…

pyxelHello, I’m Pyxel, named for the cat in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlein.  So I have a good literary pedigree to help write books.  I helped my human write both Empire’s Daughter and her latest short story volume, Spinnings: Brief Fantasies in Prose and Verse.  It’s just been published, and my human and I are giving away  Empire’s Daughter for a few days in its honour.  Spinnings is really inexpensive, so I’d appreciate it if you’d buy it along with the free book, because I really like the treats I get every evening, but I’m told they cost money, whatever that means.  Oh, and my human said something about leaving reviews on Amazon or Goodreads?  I think I’ll go jump on my sister now, just to bug her. Here are the links to both books:


Amazon.com      Amazon.ca       Amazon.co.uk

Empire’s Daughter

Amazon.com     Amazon.ca     Amazon.co.uk 



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