I’m the literary cat.

pye on pileYesterday you heard from my sister Pyxel, claiming to have helped our human write her books.  I’m Pye, and I have more right to say that than she does.  First off, I’m older, and I’ve lived here longer. Secondly, you can see in the photo how much I love books.  Thirdly, I’m named for Pyewacket, who appears in both the film Bell Book and Candle and the children’s book Pyewacket by Rosemary Weir.  She can’t claim two sources.

Anyhow, whatever my upstart (adopted) sister says, I had a lot more to do with Empire’s Daughter than she did, so I should be the one telling you you can download it for free until March 29th from Amazon.  My human is making it available to celebrate the publication of her new pair of short stories, Spinnings: Brief Fantasies in Prose and Verse.  That’s not free, but it’s pretty inexpensive. And there’s a cat in one of them, modelled on me, of course.

Here are the links to the books.  My human likes to see what people write on Amazon and Goodreads about her books, too, and then she rubs my ears more when that happens.  I like that. You could make that happen, and I would purr loudly enough for you to hear me. The upstart never purrs….


Amazon.com      Amazon.ca       Amazon.co.uk

Empire’s Daughter

Amazon.com     Amazon.ca     Amazon.co.uk 






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