Language and Meaning

In the third book of my Empire’s Legacy trilogy, my protagonist Lena is thinking about language: “I tried to sort out the inchoate ideas forming in my mind. About language, and meaning, and if all concepts were universal, and could be translated. About the gap between intent and comprehension, between what was meant and what … More Language and Meaning

The Eagle and Child

        This is a reflection about coincidence, or synchronicity, or possibly about me seeing connections where there are none, except in my mind. It doesn’t matter, really. I am, by training and education and part of my working life, a scientist; an applied geneticist, precisely, and that training and education spills over … More The Eagle and Child

No Unwounded Soldiers

In war there are no unwounded soldiers. This quote from José Narosky is written in large letters on the whiteboard in my study. Its purpose is to focus me on the main theme of my work-in-progress. In all the books in the Empire’s Legacy series, the titles reflect the main themes of the book. In … More No Unwounded Soldiers